SEASON 11 BEGINS 06/30/2023!

Welcome to Day’s End! 

Our roleplaying community welcomes both seasoned players and beginners alike.

In order to maintain our high standards for roleplaying, all new members are required to undergo a verification check via our Discord server.

Those who successfully join our community will have access to a top-notch roleplaying server with fair rules and a devoted team of staff members.


Our server provides immersive and realistic events that ensure each day you spend in the apocalypse is unique. Our team of dedicated event staff hosts a variety of events that range from friendly, to funny, to hostile encounters.

Participating in certain events may give you information about the unfolding story and may even provide some answers to burning questions…be careful, however, attending the wrong event could potentially result in your demise!

In Day’s End, players have the option to either join existing factions or establish their own groups with unique beliefs and lifestyles within the state of Kentucky.

As factions expand, they can earn exclusive benefits such as acquiring specific territories or structures to establish their own regulations and guidelines. Develop your own team of survivors and collaborate as you navigate through a challenging narrative of survival.

No two seasons are exactly the same; we change up the lore to keep things interesting!

Encounter terrifying variations on the zombie plague, diverse NPC groups that can be the best of allies or your worst nightmares, and lore-friendly, made-in-house mods to make the game just that more fun.

Our Community

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