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Unban Appeal- Sem Dykstra/Thetipsypanda56#4335

Canned Food Collector Survivor

Banned By- Mathoul if I am not mistaken

Ingame Name- Sem Dykstra

Date Of Ban- Some date on the beginning stretch of season 5

Ban Reason- Banned due to hitting the 3 strike limit, iirc these were 1. Having a meme name get past screening into the game (Chad Thundercock) 2. Getting into a verbal discourse with a staff member named Alys 3. Respawning at a safehouse after my character had been PK'ed and using the resources within as a means of boosting the new character.

Explanation- Due to these mainly being issues with my gameplay and with MP being updated towards stability and admin log detailing since I am wondering if it is at all possible for me to return to the server in some capacity. I made a stupid decision after my character was killed and if I had stepped away from the computer and let my emotions fade and my judgement regain control the incident with the safehouse boosting would not have been an issue.

Evidence- I may be misunderstanding this section of the formatting but if you want to go into the server and see the logs of my conversation with Alys and the original date of my ban etc my discord data is Thetipsypanda56#4335 and I was operating under the above mentioned character Sem Dykstra, Mathoul advised upon the day of my ban to maybe appeal it during season 6 or 7 and I assume by now that season 5 has finished. This is the only evidence I have that I am indeed the guy I was talking about and was banned for the beforementioned reasons.


Topic starter Posted : 26/10/2022 6:14 pm