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Canned Food Collector Survivor

The many roles of Alice Maxwell


General Story/Background

Initially born in Colombus, Ohio, but moving over to Louisville, Kentucky shortly after her birth, Alice was raised in the north east suburban part of the city. A quiet and normal life of average upbringing and average education lead Alice to live a normal life, at least on paper. Good parents, good grades, and a specific interest in acting lead to a typical, albeit dramatic life. She fully committed to growing a humble theatrical career, never really reaching for the Hollywood fame. After getting a degree at the Folsom Academy of the Arts, Alice started professionally performing plays and musicals all over the state. Theatre was never really that popular, not in Kentucky at least, considering how movies almost obliterated the performance scene, but that didn't matter. The act of performance was an art form Alice held close to her chest very highly. And she made a living. Not a glamourous life, but a decent life, spending most of her 20s partying and growing in social status. It was then that the Knox event occurred and completely plummeted Alice into a different direction. With most of her family and friends dead, Alice spent surviving the streets in small groups, or alone. Those groups would soon discover Alice's fatal flaws and disband her from their groups because of her.. Mannerisms. You see, Alice saw the Outbreak as a method of expanding the stage to a much larger area - The world itself. And who can stop an artist from performing their ultimate work of art? It is this philosophy that lead Alice through her many months in the exclusion zone. She kept herself out of the general local politics of the many groups formed. But then all the stories of the bombings, the jammers and all other things that terrified the survivors of the exclusion zone dawned upon Alice. It was time to leave, and an evacuation helicopter was scheduled to save the people in the area. And so, Alice joined them, and left Knox County once and for all.


With the help of UNAMUS, Alice, along with other survivors, is evacuated to Slocan Lake. Upon arrival, already having plenty of experience in survival in comparission to the undead and the danger of other survivors, Alice quickly split off from the others and ventured on her own, eventually reaching Silverton. It is here where Alice gets a brand new start, a clean slate and a new mask to wear for her theatrical re-entry.


Let us allow Drama, Comedy, Tragedy and Poetry to lead us through this life, as we begin our brand new performance

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Canned Food Collector Survivor


A woman is crouched down, sneaking through the streets. A crowbar is held firmly in her hand as she steps towards a house. She tries to open the door, the door is locked.



(under her breath)

Goddamn, I thought canadians kept their doors unlocked.



The door rattles as the woman attempts to open it with both her hands. A loud click is heard, and the window opens, the woman sneaking inside. She walks to the kitchen, hastily opening many cabinets, throwing anything useful inside. She looks at a rolling pin discarded at the side atop of the counter.


(under her breath)

Not as good as a crowbar, but it'll do.

She tosses it inside of the bag as well, risking not taking some precious food in exchange for the storage space. None the less, she finishes up, leaving food behind. A gargle is heard behind her, as she swiftly turns around. A walking corpse appears at the window, crawling inside the house from the open window she left.



(loudly, ghastly)



The infected steps towards her and she faces him head on, throwing two quick bashes to his head. The monster falls, but hits a porcelain vase resting on a small table. The loud shatter resonates throughout the house. The woman shuts her eyes tightly, knowing what's to come.


A bunch of undead turn their heads towards the house. At least four of the shamblers start dragging their feet towards the house. Jennifer is seen jumping out of the window, and in above average speeds sprinting away. The undead don't stand a chance as they quickly lose her.



A panting Jennifer enters the restaurant, looking behind her to see if the infected are at her heels. She sighs a sigh of relief, taking a moment to rest. Another female figure speaks from behind her.




Uh.. Miss? Are you alright? You seem a bit injured.


Jennifer jumps at the sound of the womans voice, quickly calming down when she sees her.


Oh god.. You scared me. Hey. Yeah, just a few bumps and bruises. I'm Jennifer. Jennifer Rosevelt.


Jennifer approaches a table, sitting down. Roxanne joins her as well. Roxanne extends her a hand, and Jennifer accepts the handshake.



My name is Roxanne. I used to be a nurse, maybe I could take a look?




I guess that couldn't hurt. Nice to meet you Roxanne.


Roxanne approaches Jennifer from the side, checking under her bandages and applying some medical ingredients. Jennifer winces in pain. A few hours pass and the women talk pleasantly. At one point, it gets late. Jennifer stands up.




I'm afraid I have to go home. I have some orders to attend. Let's meet up here tomorrow, okay? 8 o'clock?


Roxanne stands up as well, heading for the second exit.


(nodding confidently)

Sounds like a plan.


Both women leave. Moments later, the power goes out.




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Zombie Meat Survivor

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