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As requested in our Discord, this can be a place for everyone to write up and document what happens after the end of Season 4 for their characters.

Some helped Goodall & Co and the Radio Heads with the attack on Fatty's compound… many died, but some survived. Others continued their own survival efforts, listening to the public broadcast to hear about the end of the war. From large settlements to single survivors, where will your character go now that the curtain has fallen on Season 4?


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Fonso Razvan
Canned Food Collector Survivor

Fonso Razvan saw the entirety of his close friends die, which culminated in having to put down his good friend Eliza.   After speaking with Chey, who gave him a book on Zen, he decided the best way to honor his friends would be to make sure their visions for the future came to fruition.   He set aside all other things, becoming somewhat of a recluse and worked his fingers to the bone.   He didn't have much time to make new friends, because he had lost so many, he had a lot of work ahead of him.


Posted : 14/04/2022 8:26 pm
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Zombie Meat Survivor

Pyotr Volkov, after having never reached his destination with the supplies for the C-Team due to a crash on the road was forced to fight off a horde surrounding the crash site. His leather jacket took most of the blow but still left grave injuries on his arms as he fought his way through. He arrived at the Stadium after the storm to find nothing but death. He lives on in guilt, knowing he could have done something to prevent so many people from dying. His loved ones from dying. He wanders around Louisville trying to find a ride back to Dawson just to find out his loved ones have all died. Pyotr will continue his life as usual in the world which gave birth to him. He will once again try to put the broken pieces back together as he always did. Pyotr's story is one which was never bound to end well.

Posted : 14/04/2022 8:32 pm
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Canned Food Collector Survivor

Indaber Dykahein was done with his mission, he had reached the base and found little of nothing to value, with piles of burnt documents and obvious signs of burn ops being present at the site he knew that even if he somehow managed to get the elevators functional nothing would be found. With the knowledge that he had failed and that there was no chance of going home now with the advent of another spring, he drove to "The Spot" and shot himself, falling and presumably being buried where all Chad Thundercocks end up in the end. No one will remember his name, no one will find his corpse, and no one will miss his departure, with his one and only friend Alan dead several weeks previous, and with the small amount of people he talked to never getting his name, he will remain a name in a logbook of KIA operatives forever more. 

Posted : 14/04/2022 8:33 pm
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Zombie Meat Survivor

Paddy heard of the raid almost straight after it started and with the death of Gustl and Acari with Terry coming back home with a broken mind, he decided to take heed of his garage's operations and learned to build. He managed to set up a complex that slowly grew in numbers as a new settlement away from the blood of Dixie. He worked avidly on his garage between looking after Terry and sourcing new parts. Eventually, he suffered an electrocution accident while working on a Black Beetle which caused him to develop an infection on the burn of his left hand, leading to amputation. Despite having one hand, he still works on his garage to this day, servicing what's left of Knox Country. He never met the man he was searching for to learn more of Ben's past and lived with the regret of his idleness from then on out.

Posted : 14/04/2022 8:35 pm
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Canned Food Collector Survivor

Having heard of his friends at Dixie's deaths in the final battle with Fatty, Milo returned to his reclusive nature, shunning the outside world for several weeks in his grief... Eventually, he returned to Dixie to pay his final respects to the fallen. Upon reaching Kurtis' grave, he remembered the kind offer of a place in the Dixie family and a safe home within it's walls that Kurtis gave him on several occasions. After speaking with Daniel and other members of Goodall and Co, he finally decided to make good on Kurtis' offer, and fully joined the efforts to rebuild Dixie, moving him and his Spiffo merch collection safely inside Dixies walls. He hopes that Kurtis would be happy with his decision, even if he never lived to see it himself. 

and perhaps one day the Dixie diner may re-open, a cheerful young man with blond hair at its helm, flowing with good food and good people, a beloved cuddly and adorable mascot branding the walls... The first post-zombie branch of Spiffo's.

"When I choose to see the good side of things, when I am kind, I am not being naïve. It is strategic and necessary. It's how I learned to survive through everything."
Seasons 1, 2: Milo Taylor, Farmstead.
Season 3: N/A
Season 4: Milo Taylor, Goodall and Co.
Season 5: N/A
Season 6: Milo Taylor, Plant Store/NDHOA.
Season 7: Evelyn Jordan.

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Ivan Petrov took the chance of multiple people and their communities collapsing and dying to make contact with NEST, his original goal. Exchanging information and locations of russian operatives, as well as cold war spies who settled down. He used NEST's helicopters to claim several soviet cold war stashes and other soviets who fled the collapsed USSR, he built west point up with Goro. Turning it into a Russian-Japanese town, a first for both nations as for as long as history remembers the two countries have always hated eachother.

Creating the United Soviet States of Knox, Ivan set out on reclaiming other towns with his new force. Especially the weakened and fragile communities to the south in muldraugh. Letting Goro operate Shiro, the new west point. Ivan, the comissar, now worked towards his true goal. The downfall of America. The goal the USSR had tried to achieve for years. His first target would've been the Goodalls...

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Zombie Meat Survivor

Argyle Finch managed to survive for several more years in Kentucky, until on one fateful day he was picked up by members of the shattered US government. They brought him to their headquarters, and had him retell some of the events of the apocalypse. Argyle told them about what had happened to him, and about some of the people he had met. They then began tests on him, and other survivors. After these tests, Argyle was allowed to live out the rest of his days in a safecamp somewhere in the heartlands. He got married to a fellow camp member, and had several children. Argyle died in his slumber, at the ripe old age of 84. 

Posted : 14/04/2022 9:17 pm
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Robin Adler
Canned Food Collector Survivor

Terry Clarke, left a broken man after he shot and killed 2 priests and led to the death of a group mate at his own fault, accidentally misguiding him into a horde, jumped into the sports car that they had driven in, returned back home to Acari's compound to find it empty, all besides Paddy. He was left a broken man, attempting to keep himself together after losing his faith, he saw himself as being irredeemable due to the murder, especially since it was two children of god. He kept assisting where he could, all though being broken in his mind, he attempted to keep Paddy safe, still growing crops and keeping their farm healthy, most of the food having expired as he grew large quantities, used to growing for 4 people, however, only having 2. 

Posted : 14/04/2022 10:42 pm
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Posted by: @milo

Having heard of his friends at Dixie's deaths in the final battle with Fatty, Milo returned to his reclusive nature, shunning the outside world for several weeks in his grief... Eventually, he returned to Dixie to pay his final respects to the fallen. Upon reaching Kurtis' grave, he remembered the kind offer of a place in the Dixie family and a safe home within it's walls that Kurtis gave him on several occasions. After speaking with Daniel and other members of Goodall and Co, he finally decided to make good on Kurtis' offer, and fully joined the efforts to rebuild Dixie, moving him and his Spiffo merch collection safely inside Dixies walls. He hopes that Kurtis would be happy with his decision, even if he never lived to see it himself. 

and perhaps one day the Dixie diner may re-open, a cheerful young man with blond hair at its helm, flowing with good food and good people, a beloved cuddly and adorable mascot branding the walls... The first post-zombie branch of Spiffo's.

Of course, all would be open to Dixie now! Milo would be invited to use the diner to open up Spiffos - finding that living there was a little too tough for the moment. 

She'd never forget the losses lost, and she regained her love of construction to properly honor them - and to continue to grow. A proper public, free library, with a knitting corner to help future people mature into a lovely person like August was - and encourage writing like Flynn did. For Madison, she shared her workshop to those in need, hoping to recruit those to take up the title of Knox's best Mechanic -- in addition, she donated her clothes to Lynette. A proper little movie theater was made, for Vanessa, where they'd have marathons and film discussions. Cassidy and Viktor would be immortalized together with a gym, and connected sports field - with plenty of weed given out. In Darlene's memory, Jodie would finally get to work on a distillery, going to brew her Great Uncle Cousin's moonshine! Garrity, she didn't know much, but she honored his bond with her husband by adding him to the family crypt she would weepily construct. Jodie would preemptively build a little school wing onto the community center, on behalf of Alejandro, wishing he was there to teach the future generation.  Lucy would be happy to know that the church expanded, offering services - such as proper funerals for folks, and weddings. Extended from the building as well would be a soup kitchen, honoring Lena's and John's love of cooking, and feeding others.  - She refused to believe the couple, Mark and Lucy died, and just prayed for their return.

Jodie would be mourning for her husband for years to come, but with her kids, Hunter and Lynette helping her overcome the grief, turning it to motivation. She was a better mother to the two, making up to Hunter for the tension they had, and teaching Lynette to trust the outside world again. Taking his message of- sowing the seeds for a brighter future- she stepped up, guiding Emma and Daniel specifically. She was a firm leader to Dixie, eventually designating herself as a Mayor as she made big plans to open Dixie up as the trade town of their dreams; and with no Fatty, or Travis to interrupt her, it might be possible! The future was bright, and the young'uns even brighter.

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Ryan Vinyard
Survivor Admin

Viktor Thacker was unfortunately killed in Louisville while trying to rescue Emma O'Neil from a twisted psychopath- but to say that he didn't have potential is laughable.

If Viktor hadn't of been killed, he would've likely chosen to stay home in Dixie rather than go off to fight Fatty, purely to protect Jodie in-case anything happened while everyone else was gone. For some reason, he always felt as if he "owed" Jodie something for everything she had done for him and Dixie in general, and he hoped that a simple action like this would be enough. However, beyond that- after Kurtis' death, Viktor would fall into a brief depression, overwhelmed by grief and guilt, alongside self-resentment for not choosing to go fight Fatty. This guilt would stick with him for the remainder of his short life.

Needless to say, it was obvious to residents of Dixie since day-one that Viktor didn't have any redeeming qualities. Sure, he was six-three and two-hundred and ten pounds of muscle, and could do just about anything in regard to lifting from pure strength alone- but that was just about it. He couldn't farm, he wasn't respectful enough to be a Dixie representative, he couldn't build for shit, and he couldn't even do basic math or even read and write legibly as a result of failing every single year of school past second grade. Even after Kurtis' death, his egoism and short-temper hadn't gone away, something that would ultimately lead to his death in Louisville as a result of road rage in August, shortly before his birthday. To make matters worse, Dixie would probably never find out what happened to him- he had simply driven off one day to go on a ride, and just like that, he never came back. His fate left unknown, the only thing that residents of Dixie would assume is that he at least died doing one of the things he loved. Driving fast, and playing music.

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Base Raider Survivor

Emma Oneill never really felt like she fit in. Especially as she only came *right* after her brother got killed by Travis. People saw her as "Flynns' dead sister" or just "Flynns' sister", but never as "Emma." She never had much the time to bond with the people at Dixie. Perhaps over chaos, but this got less- especially after the final attack on Fatty. 

Emma had the chance to settle in properly. With the locket gotten from Daniel with a picture of everyone at Dixie inside, she found the motivation to help rebuild whatever had fallen apart at Dixie. Helped Jodie with setting up the trading town, building whatever needed building.. renovating the trailers to feel more like home, and whatnot. Every day she'd visit the graveyard with a hot cup of hot chocolate, drinking this alongside his brother and all the rest of Dixies' fallen members. Every day she'd keep the locket close to her, glancing at it before sleeping to remember: this is where she belongs now. This is her family. This is what Kurtis tried to protect. What he sacrificed for. And sure as Hell, Emma is going to try and help keep everything together.

When not building, you'd see her sitting up at the gate... reading a book. Or drawing at the community center. She'd start pinning them on the board more often, before going to hang it around Dixie itself. She'd be out on foraging competitions with Daniel or playing around with Biscuit. And perhaps one day, she'd be able to pick up Flynn's journals again... and perhaps she'd finally be able to continue Dixies' stories as his brother did. Only this time, filled with happy memories.

She became more confident, leaving her past finally behind- and learned to mourn through laughter rather than tears. Emma Oneill was finally happy.




Flynn Goodall had died on a wild goose chase to find Emma back after hearing her voice on the radio... only to be led into the trap set by Travis Killgore. This ultimately led Travis to seek out the members of Dixie- plague them endlessly until he also died as the people from Dixie assaulted him. Unfortunately, this led to a few more dead members.

If Flynn had lived, this wouldn't ever have happened. Travis wouldn't have been a *thing*, and people may have survived through that day specifically.

Flynn always had his anxieties. Might it be about his past or about peoples' thoughts and opinions about him as the young man started to reveal more and more about himself. Unfortunately, he died right when he started to heal. Right when he started to feel happy- like he belonged and started to believe how *there was nothing to be anxious about*

If alive... he would've opened up more. Perhaps went up to Kurtis, asking if it would've been alright for Flynn to call him his pa? If he could abandon his surname for "Goodall," perhaps?

If alive... he would've opened up more. Perhaps he'd finally allow himself to get closer to people. Pushing down his fathers' voice, having had plagued him all day, every day. Perhaps he'd start with small gestures- shy still, bringing small gifts over.. preparing hot chocolate more- leaving notes? But building up to it all. Revealing how he really felt about Daniel to him. 

And no matter the answer or reaction on both of these cases, this alone would've developed Flynn into someone even further away from that old, broken Flynn Oneill he was before Travis his broadcast.

If alive... he would've joined the raid on Fatty. For the sole reason of keeping an eye out on Daniel and Kurtis. if Flynn was alive, he'd probably die. Giving his life to protect either of them- ready to be a meat shield. And if not today... perhaps another day. He'd die trying to protect the ones he loved most. Because he found a new family, and sure as Hell he is going to protect them until his last breath.


- Forever crying over season 4 -
season 2: Flynn Oneill | Motel Mul
season 3: Flynn Oneill | Sanctuary
season 4: Flynn / Emma Oneill | Goodall and Co
season 5: Flynn Oneill | Hermits at Pitstop Compound
season 6:
Rory Mackay | New Denver Hoa

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Survivor Moderator

The drive back home is lonely, bittersweet. Following the funerals of Kurtis, Garrity, Walter, Vanessa, Darlene, Sehil, Dr. Malone, Eadwulf, and Rosie, Chey returns to her home in Louisville to spend the next week mulling over the events of Independence Day. Still not quite comfortable with the idea that she had killed two people and returned unscathed, eventually, she is able to come to terms with her survivor’s guilt. There are always two aspects, the omnipresent Yin and Yang. Without violence, there is no peace. Without death, there is no life. What you have is precious, hold it for as long as you can, be present in every moment, do not let go. By August of 2001, the doors of her shop are once again open, cars flowing in and out, being serviced, refueled, and refitted. On the side, she would continue to manufacture sell those Albumin pills that had saved countless lives with their restorative properties. On August 15th, 2001, Chey returns to Dixie once again, where she is greeted with open arms. The place has changed a lot in the past month. In front of the community center lays a bright verdant field, lines and boxes painted on it in honor of Cass and Vik. A large tank stands partially constructed in front of the diner. “That’s Darlene’s distiller!” Jodie would explain. Tacked onto the community center is a brightly colored wooden outrigger building, the school build on behalf of Alejandro. Rooted next to the school stands the soup kitchen, erected in honor of Lena and John. By the diner stands a tent, a temporary fixture, however, inside stands a projector casting movies onto a screen. And finally, standing by the gate is a board, advertising a competition for the title of Knox’s best mechanic, previously held by Madison.

It was a spur of the moment decision. A shooting competition. With her exemplary marksmanship, Chey would host a bottle shooting competition. Whoever can outshoot her gets to drive her car for a day. Who would be the sharp shot to outshoot her, if such a person existed?

Posted : 15/04/2022 4:41 am
Zombie Meat Survivor

Lynette, having been too traumatized by her kidnapping experience, wasn't present at the attack on Fatty's Compound. She did try to support the war effort of course with her cooking, to get solid meals for those fighting and surviving with the Goodalls. She had braced herself to lose family when the attack happened, yet losing her father wasn't any easier. Thankfully, she had her mother and brother to grieve with, and with their support she could move forward. She continued working on her culinary skills, even taking up some farming to get fresher ingredients for those in the group. With her mom's help, she slowly but surely got the confidence to leave the compound and experience the walls outside again. Life wasn't easy, but it was at least a little easier with her family and friends in Dixie.

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Retired Admin Admin

What happend to Zoe Smoker?

On her way to the attack on Fatty's compound, Zoe got lost in Louisville. The sheer infinite labyrinth of streets and undead drove her thru the entire city, until her bus couldn't take any more damage. In a last ditch effort to escape the hoards around her bus, she jumped out, getting dragged into it the zombie hoard. Even tho she got bitten and scratched all over her body, her will to survive kept her running, until she made it to a apartment complex, in which she could finally rest. Severely injured, Zoe sat down in the kitchen, rummaging thru the first aid kit Doctor Logan gave her. The vaccine she took, would stop her from turning but with only so little bandages yet so many open wounds, she lost blood quickly. Even tho the pain was unbearable, her only thoughts were about her friends. Worried about them more than herself, she took a bottle of bourbon and her walki talki out of her backpack and tuned into the frequency, she knew her friends would have used. 

The radio chatter seemed hectic. Scared voices echoed thru the static sound of the radio. Zoe opened her bourbon, remembering her promise to Sunny, not to drink anymore. The pain was unbearable tho. Zoe, knowing that she shouldn't, took a big swig from the bottle, listening to the radio, while she continued to dig thru her backpack. Her med kit had ran out of bandages and the needle, that would have allowed her to sew up her open wounds, was to dented from when she escaped the grasp of the undead earlier. Zoe reached into her fanny pack and started to roll a cigarette. The blood, covering her hands made the rolling paper stick to her hand and her shaking made it hard to balance the tobacco on it. Defeated, she gave up and grabbed a menthol cigarette from her shell suite pocket. She had grown to hate the menthol taste but Zoe already felt too tired to roll one herself.

Zoe took another sip from her bourbon. It was the last gift she received from Sunny. She always had kept it in her backpack, "Just in case times get though.". Even tho Doctor Logan had told her hundreds of times in the past, she popped open a pack of painkillers. She took them while drunk before! How bad could it be? Back when her leg was broken, she did the same and turned out fine. Zoe chuckled. She remembers the time when she sneaked to the bathroom to secretly drink from her secret booze stash that she had hidden there, after Gerallt took it away from her. She knew that they always had her best in mind, when they took the liqueur away from her. Zoe closed her eyes, as she breathed out the smoke from her cigarette.

If only she didn't take the wrong road down, then she would be there with them, helping them fight Fatty and his grunts. Zoe loosened the grip from her bottle. She wasn't thirsty anymore and the taste of the bourbon was tainted with the one of blood. Zoe looked up to the ceiling. She cracked a smile, as she thought about the good times she had with all of them. Working on her car with Gerallt, drinking coffee and talking late at nights with Doctor Logan, driving around in there food-truck with Sunny. If only she had the chance to tell Sunny how she truly felt. If only she told her earlier. 

Zoe smiled sadly, as she lies down on her back, still staring at the ceiling. The last thing she could think about was Sunny. "Clear skies, huh?" she whispered.


Season 1&2 - Daniel Kruger
Season 3 - Dr. Anton Zimmermann
Season 4 - Zoe Smoker
Season 5 - Nadya Rowlands
Season 6 - Jimmy "Beanz" Carter
Season 7 - Nicole "Nikki" Watson
Season 8 - Toby "Pinky" Silva; Yurei Saito
Season 9 - Naomi Wheeler

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