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[Closed] Season 4: Where Are They Now?

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Zombie Meat Survivor

                                        What happened to Amos Hardway?

When the attack on fatty commenced he stayed at his bar afraid of what might happen, his best friend Raffaele Hemsworth died trying to help and he wouldn't make the same mistake but at the last monument decided to at least try and support those with medicine but after crashing his truck in Louisville he thought he was dead, thinking of his last words but no he would not die to the undead and he quickly packed some stuff from the broken-down truck and ran as fast as he could out of Louisville up but he was just not fast enough as he got bit on the hand...

Later on near the Louisville hospital he found a working van and rushed towards Cedar Flats and after getting some shots his infection would be stopped for now at least.

 After finding out about the death of Sunny he went back to his bar bearly leaving it he had food and drinks for months years even so he had no reason to leave. He blamed himself for their death and simply stayed inside getting drunk and trying not to forget to take his shots.

His bar gained a couple more customers but never blew up as he wished so he stayed inside and saw the world pass by faster and faster...

Posted : 15/04/2022 3:08 pm
Canned Food Collector Survivor

 What happened to Edwin Keith

Edwin continued to chop away at the woods around Westpoint. There was so much work to be done to fix up the town as quatermaster. Under the tutelage of the mayor Goro, he worked hard to build a sanctuary where all survivors could come in need and receive shelter. When the town was finally fixed up, he put his axe to rest and opened a small tailor shop where he patched clothings for the many visitors of West point. Every Sunday he would spend the afternoon resting and having a picnic by his father cairn, recounting the stories his customers had told him and making sure that his father was never lonely.

Season 4 : Edwin Keith
Season 5 : Jason Keith

Posted : 15/04/2022 3:39 pm
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