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Zombie Meat Survivor

Name: Talyssa Relia Maier
Nickname(s): "T," 'Lyss
Age: 20 Years Old
Gender: Female
Orientation: Unknown, assumed heterosexual
Nationality: Romania
Ethnicity: Romanian
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 120 lbs pre-apocalypse, 107 lbs post-apocalypse
Looks: A young adult woman with darker colored hair, olive eyes, and fair skin. Her skin appears to be rather smooth and soft and without too many imperfections (although she may gain some scars as the apocalypse goes on). No tattoos ink her skin either. Before the apocalypse, she appeared to be an average and healthy teenage girl... Now she is an underweight adult. Underneath her gear, her frame is particularly small and she appears to be very dainty and frail with sunken in collar bones and a clearly visible ribcage. Even her shoulders appear sharper than usual thanks to malnutrition.
Personality: As a young woman, she is still developing into who she is as a person, which makes Talyssa sometimes rather naïve and gullible by default. However, she is no stranger to the cruelness of others and she certainly isn't stupid. She can easily be described as honest, sincere, ambitious and even pedantic. However, the apocalypse changes everyone. She's grown some thick skin and cares much less about the smaller things-- the benign things. She's more quiet than she was once before, more observant, and some might even say that she's on edge a majority of the time. If you ask her though, she's fine. Bottles everything up until she breaks. Occasionally, she'll adopt rather dangerous habits like binge drinking or smashing things, but her recklessness doesn't end there. See, whenever she kills an infected, she takes out all of her pent-up rage into killing the damn thing. That being said, she also occasionally runs off to target as many of them as possible.
Occupation: Former student, apocalypse survivor
Values: Survival of humanity, family, friends, and knowledge.
Status: Alive

Family: Florin Maier (Father, unknown status), Maria Maier (Mother, formerly known as Maria Andrei, unknown status)
Friend(s): Juliana Aguilar (Best friend, unknown status), Lilly King (Dorm-mate, unknown status), Teagan Cochran (Friend, unknown status);
Pet(s): N/a
Enemy(ies): N/a
Affiliation(s): Former university student; The Smuggler's Cove

Physical: Quick and agile, she is able to cut through hordes of the undead with ease. Her small frame also allows for her to sneak around and remain hidden as she is able to fit into tighter spaces. However, she is malnourished, and as such such she is weaker.
Mental: Intelligent. She is quite particular about getting things done on time and making sure that everything is perfect. On the flipside of things, she is rather naïve and gullible and easily-influenced.
Specialties: Medicine, treating wounds, foraging, and running.
Fighting Style: Up-close and personal. A gun shot, or any loud noise for that matter, is bound to draw in danger.
Weapons: Anything she can get her hands on.

Combat: 2/5 
Strategy: 5/5 
Mental State: 3/5 
Resourcefulness: 4/5 
Medical Knowledge: 5/5 


Talyssa was a miracle child, born on January 11th 1980, to two parents who were a few years past their prime. As such, she was their only child. She grew up to be very loved and well-taken care of. Although, life in Communist Romania wasn't easy. In 1985, when she was a mere 5 years old, her family decided to relocate to the United States to escape the unrest. They settled in Cleveland, Ohio. Her parents became rather busy while working in factories, but continued to cherish their daughter, even if the family had little money and less time to spend together than before. She also began to attend school in America. During her American education experience, she was often bullied for being a foreigner. Some children even went as far as to imply that her parents were actually her grandparents. She found it particularly hard to fit in, and as such, she didn't have very many friends as a child.

Whenever she became a teenager, her parents began to really pressure her into studying, and being eager to please her parents; she made her number one goal to graduate High School with honors. In her freshman year, she was able to make it onto the track team and loved running. She became friends with a fellow runner named Juliana Aguilar. Her and Juliana grew particularly close, perhaps due to them both being seen as outcasts and meshing together over their common lack of friends. They were so close that rumors circulated about the depth of their relationship. However, the pair swore that it was strictly platonic. It wasn't until a boy named Teagan Cochran moved to their school during their Junior year and asked Talyssa to the school dance that the rumors were dispelled. Her and Teagan grew rather close to dating, but Talyssa ultimately rejected him. Instead, the pair continued being good friends. Eventually, she managed to succeed in graduating with honors, thus closing that chapter in her life.

With graduation came heartbreak, and not only did Talyssa say goodbye to her friends, but also to Ohio. She spent the entire summer after graduation with her friends so that they could build memories to last a lifetime. She had also come to realize that she had fallen in love with one of her friends over the years, so saying goodbye grew increasingly difficult as the summer drew close to an end. She moved to Louisville, Kentucky that August. Partially to escape her loving, but overwhelming parents, but also to attend Louisville State University. During her first year, she had to live on campus at the school's dormitory. She took on a part-time job at the nearby Conven-U-Mart so that she could make some money while still going to school. By her second year, she had grown rather close with her dorm-mate, Lilly King. Living on campus was no longer something she felt like she had to do. It was a choice. Lilly had even recently became her coworker.

One morning, Talyssa and Lilly were enjoying their breakfast while watching the news when something particularly concerning had occurred. There were reports of erratic, violent individuals roaming the streets of Louisville and everyone was being ordered to stay inside. Talyssa spoke with her friends and family briefly on the phone that night to let them know that she was okay. The next day was her typical go to school, then go to work type of day. Although, all everyone in the university seemed to want to talk about was the breaking news. It was like this for the next couple of days as a matter of fact. Friday, Talyssa found herself alone after Lilly decided to work a longer shift. She went home to relax for the evening and to watch her a popular cartoon made for adults when her television screen suddenly cut to some more breaking news. This time, she couldn't handle it, and turned it off whenever the police began to fire. She panicked, dialed her work number to contact Lilly, and practically pleaded for her to come back to their dorm. Last time she heard of Lilly, she had ensured her that she would leave work and come home.

She had spent several days in the dorm room alone, keeping close to the phone. She can remember a time when it rang, she panicked and answered in the hopes that it would be Lilly, but it was someone that was instead calling for Lilly. One of her friends. It didn't take long until there were military vehicles roaming throughout the city announcing Martial Law-- to which, she didn't react well to. She found herself getting into Lilly's prescription medicine to try and ease her anxiety as a way to cope. She even tried to focus on painting as that was something that she had taken up as a hobby while in University. Nothing was calming. Certainly not the broadcast that suddenly appeared days after radio silence. The situation appeared to be dire, and she realized that she needed to get out of Kentucky. She set off with a briefcase on wheels that was filled to the brim with her important documents and some spare clothing.

The roads were jam packed, and she had eventually realized that traveling in her car wasn't going to be an option for very much longer. This revelation resulted in her ditching her car on the highway. All she could see for miles upon miles stretching down the highway was cars, it was no surprise that chaos ended up breaking out somewhere along the way. She fled from the chaos as quickly as she possibly could while dragging around her luggage. At some point, she ended up taking her important documents before abandoning it altogether. She ended up renting a cabin in the woods that was further away from society. However, the park owner never ended up coming to kick her out. She remained holed up there until the cabin ran out of food about a month later. By the time she returned to where civilization should've been, the infected were roaming endlessly. She kept to her wits and good judgement though and managed to get this far by squatting in unoccupied homes as she followed a straight and narrow path further into Knox Country.



-- Major profile revamp; increased age to fit within lore of the server, updated looks & personality, added a new affiliation, and rewrote her history.

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