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Faction Guidelines

How to create a faction and become official.



Factions are a great way of roleplaying on our server. They bring people together to roleplay and set out certain goals of objectives for the faction. But making or participating in a faction on our server comes with a certain responsibility. There's some guidelines we've set out for factions to follow. The most active and most professional looking faction threads will be able to request for official status which grants more perks for your faction (moostly OOC).


For how to post pictures and make your faction thread nice: https://daysendrp.com/forum/how-to-post-pictures/how-to-post-pictures/

For info on faction wars go to: https://daysendrp.com/forum/guidelines/faction-war-guidelines/


  • Leadership is responsible for the roleplay quality of all its members.
  • Leadership is responsible for removing players who do not meet the OOC roleplay standards of the faction and or server, failure to do so will reflect on the leadership.
  • Leadership is responsible for the realistic portrayal of the faction in the setting of our server.
  • Leadership is expected to maintain cordial OOC communication with "rival" factions/groups.
  • A member of staff should be notified when factions start to involve themselves in rival/hostile actions against other players or factions.

Factions who break these rules will be dealt with accordingly. This may include an official warning, to closure of the entire faction.




Creating your faction


  1. Create an unofficial faction thread on the forums. Make this as nice as you can, include screenshots and a backstory to your faction, this forum gives endless options into make a visually pleasing faction thread.
  2. Make sure your faction thread is active. Have your members post screenshots, journal entries or short novels to the faction thread. An inactive faction thread can lead to closure.
  3. Request your faction to become official. It must meet the following requirements first:
    - Your faction must be 7+ days old.
    - Your faction must have a minimum of 4 active members.
    - Your faction members administrative records must be relatively clean. And faction leadership must have no history of heavily breaching our rules.
    - Your faction thread should be active.

    If your faction follows the requested requirements they can request to become official through the format below:

    Official Faction Request.

    Faction name:
    Forum thread link:


    Plans/Future Goals:


    List of all members:

  4. If you got accepted as an official faction you will get access to the perks explained below. 


Note that the more detailed and active your faction thread and official faction request is, the more chance you'll have to become one.


Official factions

Official factions have proven to be able to uphold the quality of our server. They can be seen as examples to other factions aspiring to become official. This naturally comes with a responsibility to our server, they will be monitored closely.

  • Official factions will have their own Discord Roles and Discord Channels in our Discord Server.
  • Official factions may now claim their turf. (It should be of a realistic size, taking the amount of members you've got into consideration.) They can set out particular laws, rules, taxes on that specific turf, other players do not have to necessarily follow the faction's rules, but the faction may act upon players not following a factions turf rules.
  • Official factions can be involved in lore events.
  • In a later stage official factions can request to be able to produce certain items. Some kind of item should be consumed in order to be able to produce the items (could be anything that can't be made through the crafting menu. This should be roleplayed thoroughly and realistically.) 



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