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Faction War Guidelines


There are a variety of reasons for which factions may find themselves going head to head. We advise that all players carefully read these rules and clearly understand them before engaging starting a war.

When two factions/organizations decide to go against each other, neutral members of the staff team will be assigned to deal with any kills and disputes, where possible. Also we suggest you take screenshots as evidence behind your actions. This can be easily done
by pressing F12.

Server Roles
The Server Roles of any factions/organizations involved in a conflict are strictly not to be taken in character. This would be a prime example of metagaming, which is strictly forbidden on our server.

Kill on sight
Your factions may get into a situation where they would kill each other on sight. Although our server doesn't allow kill on sight without roleplay. If you have roleplayed your journey to find your enemies and have planned to go out and kill them, you may kill them on sight. Your factions will be given Kill On Sight permissions by the admins. (This will only happen at full scale war between factions).

Accounts and Activity
If a player wishes to take part in a conflict, the character must have been created at least one week prior to the feud. Moderators will monitor this when dealing with any disputes. During feuds, using more than one account is prohibited. If a user is caught using more than one account, all of their accounts will be banned and their kills made invalid, resulting in their victims being able to participate again. Users are only allowed to have one account during these periods, and having more may warrant a ban.

When going head to head, both factions/organizations are required to provide a list of active participants involved in the war. If you've been killed in the war, you can not participate in the same war on your new character.

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