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PVP/Combat Guidelines


Combat Rules To engage in combat your character must have a valid reason to do so. Dying in PVP means you've lost your character and he won't be able to come back. (Except maybe as a Zombie )

Before drawing a weapon in game to use it on someone, you must use at least one "me/ action" stating that you're drawing or aiming your weapon to a person. Give the person time to roleplay their actions. Especially when you're on mic and they're on text, they may need more time for their dialogue than you.

If someone draws a weapon on you, you can draw yours using a hotkey without making a /me , although we encourage to roleplay. When drawing a weapon you can shoot to kill. But, when you're drawing your weapon out the person holding a gun to your face may also shoot you without making a /me. So be careful when drawing your weapon while someone is holding you at gun point because you may die.

Also you may flee a scene, when fleeing a hostile situation you may get shot at and you may die. When holding someone at gun point you may fire at them when they start running. Do you disagree with your character being killed? Create a ticket with your evidence and explanation. No need to argue with the other party in game.

We strongly recommend to take screenshots or have footage of your PVP combat.

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