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[Sticky] Raid Rules

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Raiding Rules


When can I raid?

- To raid a player safehouse or a player-built structure, you need to open up a raid ticket. You will need a proper reason to break into someone's safehouse.

- Offline raiding is allowed, however we do encourage online raiding. You may DM the safehouse owner and inform them about the raid for the best RP experience.

- Build RP around the raid. Don't just destroy doors and go in.

- You can not raid the same base again within 12 hours.


Entering a player's safehouse

Player safehouses should not be entered without permission of the owner or a raid ticket. All doors are to be RP'ed as locked. Windows and garage doors are also not to be entered through. If you want to break into a place, you need a raid ticket.


Player owned structures

Player build walls can be jumped, as long as they are not the safehouse itself. Gates and doors along the walls are to be RP'ed as locked. Campsites or other player-owned structures should not be intentionally destroyed.

Taking anything from a player-owned structure is not allowed! You need a raid ticket for that.

Stealing vehicles

Vehicles that are clearly owned by a player should not be stolen without a raid ticket. The same goes for items inside the vehicle. 

Signs of a car being player owned are:

- The car has a note with the owner's name in the glove box

- The car is inside or close to a player-owned structure

The name of the owner on a note CAN be taken as IC knowledge.


The Raid

If a person wishes to raid a safe house, you cannot just do that by the in-game mechanic of dismantling doors. A safe house can only be raided through roleplay. For example, following the owner or owners into town and taking them hostage in order to get access to their safe house or get the appropriate tools for a raid. 

You break into a safe house by using anything that fits the realm of realism. This, of course, needs to be done through roleplay. The admin present will deem the roleplay of breaking in valid or not. Be aware that if you use heavy tools like an axe or a sledgehammer to break into a house, it will make noise, thus alerting the walking dead. An admin will make sure that zombies will approach the safe house if heavy tools are being used. 

Remember that anything can be used to raid a safe house through roleplay. For example, you can use a rope and a few hooks to hook to a door and your car to blow said door out. Be creative.


A character's motivation to raid

The admins will first and foremost check a character(s) biography to see if they're capable of raiding a base. If you're roleplaying a character that's kind and doesn't have a history of violence, you won't just go to a safe house and raid it. Of course, if you're led by someone that can and you just happen to be there, it's not a problem. But motivation is key, the staff needs to hear a valid reason for a raid. If a staff member deems it not worthy enough, you'll be told that the raid is deemed void.



After a successful raid, an admin will release the safe house from its previous owner, thus allowing the raiders to take loot out of it. Depending on the raid reason, you may only be allowed to take a few things or only certain items.

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