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Robbery & Kidnapping Guidelines


When engaging in a robbery it must be done in a realistic fashion. For example, you can't rob 3 players while you're alone with only a knife in your hand and they're carrying shotguns. We always encourage to roleplay rather than engage into combat immediately. Keep in mind that when you die during a robbery, your character will be dead permanently. Meaning you'll have to create a new character. Also stay clear of a play to win mentality, you may lose valuable stuff that will set you back majorly. It's all part of the story development of your character.

When you're going to rob a player, you should give the other party time to roleplay. Always when you aim a gun to a player, make sure you've stated in at least one "/me action" that you've pulled out your gun, or you're pointing it towards the player before you actually aim the gun in game. If the player you're holding at gun point draws their weapon, you may kill him/her.

If you're being held at gun point, you may draw your weapon from your holster, back or if it's attached to your backpack (basically if it's on one of your hotkeys.) If you want to take it out of your backpack you may do so, but only after you've done a /me taking a weapon from your backpack. The other play holding you at gun point may shoot you during the backpack or holster draw animation.

When you decide to run off from a robbery, the robber may shoot you to kill without making any /me.

If you want to kidnap someone, you should do so with a realistic reason. When being robbed or kidnapped, you should always have regard for your own life. This means that sometimes you have to take a loss.

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