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[Sticky] RP and character Rules

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RP Rules

Character Age

ALL Characters must be at least 18 years old


Pick a logical character name

- Using names of famous people is not allowed.

- No joke names, your name has to be realistic.

- If you want to hide your identity in RP, you can use /name to change your chat name


Always remain in character

- Text OOC (Out Of Character) is allowed only if necessary.

- You can type OOC, with /looc 

((This is ooc text. It is for emergencies only.))


Military and police characters are limited

- Military and Police characters may be rejected if there are already too many of that rank from their area.

- Your character can develop into being any kind of law enforcement in the server organically.


Fear RP

- When you're overpowered, or in a significant disadvantage to another player, roleplay your fear.

- You're not rambo, when someone has a shotgun in your face and all you have is a broom, you will most likely not win.

- Being robbed or raided is part of the game.

-Value your life.



- If your character has been killed by another player, he's permadeath and you'll have to start a new character.

- If your character dies from zombies, you can start over in your safehouse or respawn. Your skills will be reset.

- If you die by a glitch, contact an admin. That does not count.

Restrictions on groups, communities and factions

- We encourage players to grow their groups organically.

- You can create your own community at a certain location, where you can create your own rules, laws, etc.

- Groups bigger than 5 people need to request faction status to be able to have more members.

- We discourage users from using external discord servers to organize their factions. You can use the faction channels instead.

- Having pre existing groups to form factions is discouraged. Please try to group up organically and in RP


Use a realistic base size

- Solo players can't take over big buildings such as malls, schools, to build a base.

- However, they can be used by anyone to stay overnight or for a short while.

- Use common sense for your base.


Unrealistic bases are prohibited

- Don't build skybases or across rivers.

- Don't build unfair traps or extremely thick and unclimbable walls. People breaking in will do so with RP anyway. A "PvP" wall won't help you.

- Unrealistic bases will get destroyed


No explicit or vulgar roleplay allowed.

- Racist RP is not allowed.

- Rape RP is not allowed.

- Gore RP is not allowed.

- Homophobic RP is not allowed.

- Romantic RP is allowed, as long as it is consensual for everyone involved.


Powergaming and Metagaming is not allowed.

- The use of information not obtained through your character's actions is prohibited.

- You can not use another player's stream or screenshots to locate or otherwise gain information to use on them in RP.

- Do not roleplay something that is wildly impossible outside of gameplay mechanics.

Give other players a chance to react. Don't force your actions onto them.

Season 1&2 - Daniel Kruger
Season 3 - Dr. Anton Zimmermann
Season 4 - Zoe Smoker
Season 5 - Nadya Rowlands
Season 6 - Jimmy "Beanz" Carter
Season 7 - Nicole "Nikki" Watson
Season 8 - Toby "Pinky" Silva; Yurei Saito
Season 9 - Naomi Wheeler

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