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[Sticky] Player Report Information (Use this format)

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If you feel a player has broken any of the rules and there's no way you can work it out without staff involvement, you can simply post a topic following the guidelines explained below.

Evidence is is a must. Evidence includes unedited screenshots or videos and administrator's statement. If you have edited screenshots/videos, you can still post them, although do keep in mind that the admin will base his answer on his understanding of the scene and will be able to deny your request if he believes the proof isn't 'legit' or isn't good enough. 

In order to report a player, please use the given format.

Title: [Reported player's In-game or Discord name]

Reported Player(s): [Firstname_Lastname]

Your ingame name: 

Date of incident:

Rules broken:

Names of witnesses (if applicable):

Explanation of the incident (250 word limit): 


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Topic starter Posted : 26/01/2022 2:03 am