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Abraham Light

Zombie Meat Survivor


OOC Name & Discord: Eray - HandsomEray#3105

OOC Age: 18

Are you new to roleplay?: No

Explain how experienced you are as a roleplayer, how long have you been roleplaying and where: I think I am experienced enough for Project Zomboid roleplay. I started roleplaying around age 11 I think. I played DarkRP, Arma 3 RP and FiveM RP for dozens of hours. Espacially Arma 3 and DarkRP.

Explain the new life rule in your own words: You must forget your knowings in your previous character and you can't directly visit the place you died to get revenge or loot your old body. You must act like a whole new person.

Explain metagaming and give at least 2 examples of metagaming: Metagaming is simply knowing things you can't possibly know in character. Looking other peoples screenshots OOC is ok but if you use that knowledge IC that's metagaming. Let's say you met someone new in city and his name is displayed above his head. You should ask his name first before reading his displayed name because how can you possibly see that name tag IC?

Explain our PVP and Robbery Guidelines in your own words: You should use PVP to RP. Not just to kill random people for fun. You can freely shoot players who runs away or draw a weapon to you. You can't just get one pistol and raid a whole base of dozen people it should be in realistic numbers.


Name: Abraham Light

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Backstory: Abraham born and raised in Istanbul. He wasn't a social kid thus he didn't had many friend but it was never an issiue for Abraham. His passion for cars started when Abraham's father let him drove his car for the first time when he turned 10. He started to research cars after his passion started and sometimes he drived his father's car without permission and driver license. When Abraham turned 18, things didn't turned as quite as Abraham would've wanted. He failed in school because he often chose working in car mechanic rather than going school and his father passed away due to heart attack. He had to look after his mother and 12 years old brother so he used his inheritance money to settle down in Texas which his cousing lived back then and opened a car mechanic in Texas, Houston. His business went much better then he expected and he managed to save some money. After saving some money he started to buy scrap cars from other states and repair them for selling. He visited Kentucky to look for a new mechanic shop for business when he turned 23. His plan was leaving Texas behind and opening a new business in Kentucky. Who knows what made Abraham leave Texas, maybe it was because of the weather but certainly not his luck because right after his plane landed in Kentucky, the quarantine started. He managed to escape the chaos at the airport and snuggled himself at random hotel room but he couldn't be able to make contact with his family back in Texas. Now he is looking for a way to contact with his family and a car which can be drived all the way to Texas.

Personality: Abraham doesn't trust other people and not talkative to strangers. People always had a hard time to gain his trust but once they breached that wall Abraham is a buddy to go death with. He has a noticable passion for cars. Sometimes he can be seen talking to his car and calling it by name. He also likes camping. He used to go camping for days when he frustrated from work. He hates jogging and prefers car to go everywhere with. That is quite understandable considering how many cigarette he smokes a day.

Appearance: Average height caucasian male. Pale tan with black hair and brown eyes. He can be seen wearing old watch with brown leather strap at all times.

Notable Skills: He knows how to make a car run from scratch. He is good in kitchen and knows a thing or two about camping and house building. 

Topic starter Posted : 05/06/2022 3:25 am

Your application is being denied. Fix this and I can accept this application:

  • Your explanation of our PVP/robbery guidelines is lacking and does not mention the /me RP.
  • Your personality do not meet the minimum word count (100)
  • Check the server lore again, S6 doesn't take place in Kentucky anymore!
Posted : 06/06/2022 11:25 am