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Brandon Owens

Zombie Meat Survivor


OOC Name & Discord: Medz, jareerhater#1276

OOC Age: (Must be 16+) 18

Are you new to roleplay?: No

Explain how experienced you are as a roleplayer, how long have you been roleplaying and where: Gta V RP, Unturned RP, Day Z RP.

Explain the new life rule in your own words: You cannot use past character knowledge, and can't return to areas  where you died until they have been cleared

Explain metagaming and give at least 2 examples of metagaming: Taking knowledge in character other than things your character would know in-character/ICly.  Here are a few examples: Acting in character based on a screenshot you saw on Discord, such as looting a stash you saw in a picture. Another example is using Discord voice chat instead of a radio while in-game.

Explain our PVP and Robbery Guidelines in your own words: Before you aim a gun, you must perform a /me. Maintain realism and thorough roleplay. You are permitted to shoot players who are running or drawing a weapon during a robbery. Your character must value their life and play the role of fear.


Name: Brandon Owens

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Backstory: (minimum 250 words with as much detail as you would like)

Brandon Owens was born in a middle-class neighbourhood in Kentucky to middle-class parents Sarah and Robert Owens. Brandon was not raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, nor was he shielded from the outside world, but his family lived comfortably and he had a typical childhood, with no financial struggles. His mother, Sarah, was a stay-at-home mother, and his father was a United States Marine who left the family for extended periods of time due to his travel-filled career. Brandon was the youngest of his parents' children, with the majority of his siblings far older than him, too much of an age gap for them to ever form meaningful relationships before his siblings went off to college. As far as life stories go, Brandon's didn't have much excitement. He grew up in Kentucky surrounded by the middle class, with a few of his friends from school hanging around after dark and causing trouble. Brandon didn't start hanging around this group because of the necessity to make money in poverty like most street punks, but simply because he wanted to impress his classmates and rebel against his parents in his otherwise monotone life. Brandon began hanging around the group and taking in their culture, his grades slowly dropping and his relationship with his parents deteriorating as he began to do anything to impress his friends. With an absent work-focused father and a mother that couldn't handle a growing teenage boy corrupted by the wrong influences, Brandon quickly fell into a lifestyle that his parents would have never thought would be possible in their good middle-class neighbourhood. Once the outbreak happened, Brandon's parents evacuated, and they where split up in the chaos of the outbreak. Now, Brandon lives alone, trying to live through the outbreak.

Personality: (minimum 100 words, feel free to include MTBI, moral alignment, etc) Brandon is a kind-hearted individual. For what he has been through, and considering his life before the outbreak, Brandon is almost a completely new person, helping out where he can and offering his kindness where possible. He seems reserved and stays to himself, some may consider him monotone or boring. He doesn't manipulate or take advantage of people, and some may consider him too kind, easy to manipulate. To friendly individuals, Brandon offers that same friendliness back, and will often be neutral, helpful and friendly, but believes respect is something that must be earned and expects that same respect back.

Appearance: (description, generated profiles through artbreeder or, or SOURCED artwork are allowed) Caucasian male with brown eyes, and brown short hair. He stands at around 5'11 and weighs 140lb. He is typically seen wearing either a flannel shirt or leather depending on the weather, and has a rough look about him.

Notable Skills: (in-game or background related) He is good with making food, cooking for his household before the outbreak.

Topic starter Posted : 21/05/2022 11:33 pm

Approved! Keep in mind that you are allowed to be in discord talking to people that are ingame. You are not allowed to use that information for your character and although you are talking in voice, you still need to RP everything ingame. Just wanted to clear that for you so you don't think you are not allowed to use DC at all while ingame.

Post your character name and forum post name in the access request channel in the discord. Have fun (:

Posted : 22/05/2022 10:40 am