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Roger, Janitor

Survivor Moderator

OOC Name & Discord:  Das #8029

OOC Age: 38

Are you new to roleplay?: No

Explain how experienced you are as a roleplayer, how long have you been roleplaying and where: Prior Moderator on the 28 days server, 24 years of various online/offline RPGS. From Dungeons and Dragons to Vampire to much more. Would say i'm pretty experienced in rp.

Explain the new life rule in your own words: Upon death cannot use prior knowledge with your new character. You cannot return to your place of death until all parties have exited the area.

Explain metagaming and give at least 2 examples of metagaming: Metagaming is using OOC knowledge (be that IC knowledge or Rules) to manipulate events IC. Usually a bad thing but can sometimes be used to positive outcome for a scenario. Best avoided just to ire on the side of caution. Seeing someone say in discord they are afk...and leading zombies to kill them. Seeing a post made of a camp location, using that knowledge to raid.

Explain our PVP and Robbery Guidelines in your own words: NO KOS. Allow people the chance to RP. Running or drawing a weapon allow either party to shot to kill. Robbery should be a realistic scenario (numbers, weapons etc) and all PVP rules apply but expected to be more RP than PVP.


Name: Roger

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Backstory: (minimum 250 words with as much detail as you would like).

Roger had a humble beginning living in a Masonic Orphans home in Louisville (real place) never knowing his parents or any kind of kin. The reason for this placement was his low degree of intellect most likely. As he was behind in most of his development as a child. He stayed at the home till his 18th birthday, during which time he volunteered to act in a janitorial role for the school. There was a certain amount of peace for him in waxing, cleaning, and making a place look nice for others to enjoy. On his 18th birthday when he did leave it was traumatic for him. Many times, he tried to return to the building, tried to get a job there, anything to stay where he felt safe...but he wasn't allowed. He quickly became homeless in LS and had a rough life for several years before he just started to clean up the city streets free of charge. It took years for a kind city employee to notice, and they got him a low paying job and a small rental. Given new purpose his outlook changed, and he would be out working in rain or shine. Cleaning. Keeping the streets as good as he could.

When the outbreak happened. He didn’t know what to do. He tried to flee with all the other scared people out there. Listened to whomever told him to do things. Helped carry people’s things…. keep the weird biters away…but in the end he was left behind. Staring at one of the last boats crossing the river to safety before he turned back to his city….and amongst the walking dead he saw the messes…he zipped up his coveralls, grabbed a broom and strolled back into the town…. he was going to clean it up.

Personality: (minimum 100 words, feel free to include MTBI, moral alignment, etc)

Roger is a simple guy. He sees the positive in most people and things. The only thing that really makes him angry are the messes people make and the dead getting in his way for work. He is easily manipulated and really devoted to his work. He wouldn’t hurt a human at all, even if it cost him his life…and he even has a hard time with bashing zombies skulls. But he knows they aren’t going to clean up and are trying to hurt people so he manages it. He would give someone his last piece of food without hesitation and is likely to secretly hide a weapon if he found one so no one could get it to hurt anyone.

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Chicken man

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