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[Solved] Server acces Rostech

Zombie Meat Survivor


OOC Name & Discord:

OOC Age: 29

Are you new to roleplay?: No

Explain how experienced you are as a roleplayer, how long have you been roleplaying and where: I played some other type of games before in gta roleplay mostly. I have been many things there police thief doctor in many char lives.

Explain the new life rule in your own words: My character cannot go back to the spot where he disappeared until all those present have left the area, and he cannot use his knowledge of the world with her new character.

Explain metagaming and give at least 2 examples of metagaming: 1 example:watching a player stream to learn about what he does, where he's from, etc. 2 example: using information that I got from discord or from a voice conversation about some advantages I would get if I were to know that information (such as seeing someone's picture on discord about a place where they stash some loot or a car and using that information to get the said loot/car). another example: if you use a discord voice channel while I play in the game but don't have a group frequency channel and a walkie talkie, you will be unable to communicate.

Explain our PVP and Robbery Guidelines in your own words: When you plan to rob someone, you need to inform them of your intention before taking actions such as drawing a weapon or going slowly to your weapon. If you are outnumbered, do not play like a superhero and value your life. You cannot shoot anyone without first interacting with them. Make sure you use the command /me and action at least once before you begin aiming at that player. When you are robbed, it is possible to be shot and killed if you draw your weapon, so value your life. Also have to use the /me command to draw a gun or similar before shotting or robbing someone


Name: Jackson Hyde

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Backstory: Straightforward an no-nonsense, Jackson has never been one to take shit from anyone. That's why he took a profession where the only contact he needed with the outside world was when trucks came to collect his lumber. He taught himself to forage so he wouldn't need groceries from Greene's. He taught himself carpentry so he could build his own home and not pay rent. He taught himself mechanics so he could fix his own truck. He became an everyman through necessity.

When the zed came, he was the last in Canada to know. One shambled up to his house one day. It was anything but friendly, but hes always got his axe on him. For the first year or so since it all started he stayed on his secluded property. The trucks stopped coming, but the zed never did. Eventually he ran out of axes to put them down, and he was forced to return to civilization. Or what was left of it.

That doesn't mean he has changed his ways, though. He still doesn't take shit, but he wants to find some rather agreeable and decent people. It's nice to not be completely alone. He enjoys helping the new arrivals to Slocan county over the radio. That way if they turn out to be obnoxious assholes, he can turn off the radio and be done with them. Those he meets in person get one chance. If that first impression reveals their true colors, and Jackson doesn't like 'em, that's the last time they ll do something like that to him. He is also an expert at setting traps for zombies and or sometimes even people that are trespassing his property.

Personality: He is very strong mentally and does not really like to be taken as a foul, if people try to hurt them will wait for the perfect opportunity to do it back. If people treat him good and with kindness he will do the same to them, He always help people in need with chores like building repairing or anything else but he likes to get something in return like materials or money or anything that has at least a little value, He is trying to maintain a calm position all the time even if the people around him are annoying but if he feels enough is enough he might get into hurting others after he tells them to step away.

Appearance: He looks like a big moutain of a man that he is, he looks strong like he always works at the gym but is lumberjack muscle!! he has beard and longhair

Notable Skills: he is a jack of all trades and he is looking to improve how he can in any way he needs, anything to get the job done, he is good with guns being in forest he went hunting a lot, he is good with traps not sofisticated ones, the one that involve fire pits. 

Topic starter Posted : 07/06/2022 5:48 pm

Accepted, you can go ahead and head to the #server-access-request channel in the Discord and post your forum name as well as your character name. Welcome aboard 🙂

Season 5: Yong Min
Season 6: Dennis Evans | Jia Min

Posted : 09/06/2022 3:11 am