Origins of the apocalypse

In 1997 the Central Intelligence Agency conducted an experiment in a Kentucky Medical Research Centre involving human mutations, supposedly to aid the war in the middle east by creating a bio weapon that could be used as a tool for high profile assassinations. This experiment was completely off the books and unknown to the public. However, due to human nature, some employees didn’t follow the strict safety guidelines. This resulted in multiple employees carrying pieces of the virus on their person with them to the outside world, which they transmitted through physical contact onto people outside the research centre. This created a snowball effect of infections through the state of Kentucky. This virus would eventually be labeled as the Futholyso disease. Infected people would show symptoms of mild to severe neck and back pain, fever, throwing up food and loss of pigment of the skin.

As more and more people in the state of Kentucky got infected, the government attempted to keep the outbreak under the radar. The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency at the time sent word to the Secretary of Defense who in turn sent the National Guard and the military to identify those that were infected and lock them in quarantine, until a cure could be made elsewhere for those affected. But to no avail, a cure was never found.


"Good morning people of Kentucky and welcome to your daily local news.

As a few topics of local affairs were spoken about on the news, the newsreader held a hand to his ear as he got a new message.

E-E-Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen - w-..uhh..You sure about this?"

**A look of uncertainty washed over the newsreader's face as he eyed the producer beside the main camera. The newsreader scraped his throat before continuing.

"We have to cut today's news short as we just got a piece of information that's classed as...uhh--"breaking news". A few reports of erratic, unpredictable and violent behavior from a few individuals that roam the streets of the Louisville. People are told to stay in their homes as local Law Enforcement deals with the suspects."

**The newsreader continues a few more news segments before ending the daily news program

A few days pass and suddenly as you watch your daily dose of television the screen cuts to static before the program changes...


"Good evening folks, we're sorry to interrupt your Friday evening with your loved ones...

A gruesome discovery was made moments ago in a farm field a few miles outside of Louisville, a "pile of corpses" were found on the field, what the cause of it was is not yet known. I direct you to John DeFeo that's currently on the scene."

**Your television goes into a static state for a moment before a face of a distraught man could be seen with a microphone in his hand

"Thank you, Peter. Yes, I'm currently on the grounds where the events took place, Law Enforcement is everywhere, we don't know what the cause was of this discovery. A few locals say it was a mass grave-site that was used by a criminal syndicate from outside of state, rumors go rampant in this part of the state, we just don't kno--..."

**A woman's scream erupted from behind the news reporter as the camera shifted to the noise the women yelled: "They are alive! They're fucking alive!"

**Groaning and moaning was heard from the direction of the field

"Hey! Put your hands up! Hands up I said! I sai---!"

**Loud bangs could be heard, as police gunfire erupted into the crowd of the now not-so dead field of corpses before the screen goes black...after a while it switches back to the studio where the newsreader sits with a terrified look on his face

"I-I'm sorry for the inconvenience, we have some technical problems. We, the news will keep you up to date on the latest developments surrounding this topic and as always...Stay Safe, people..."

That was the last time you heard from the news station.

The mutation of the virus

As any virus that affects the human body, there is a chance that the virus mutates. And this one, this specific virus mutated into something far more dangerous. Those infected got a fever before going into shock, and then returning from their shock as a different person, perhaps more animal than person. Vile, more beast like than humane, erratic and violent.

Martial Law was declared in the state of Kentucky as the Governor didn't live up to the expectations of the people as this virus rampaged through the state of Kentucky. The National Guard issued a statewide lock-down. This caused panic among the people of Kentucky as riots broke out and people attempted to flee the state for their own well-being, blocking up the highways.



As you watch the video, you catch a sight of a woman striding towards a military blockade.

The soldiers are alert as their weapons are pointed to all angles. One of the soldiers yells for the woman to stop, then threatens to shoot.

She wobbles at about twenty feet from the pack of armed men, misshapen arms to the side, then walks closer, this time in a faster stride than before at the closest soldier.

The muzzle flashes bright orange and sends light around her body like she stepped in front of an old movie projector.

Her body flies backward, and lines of red shoot out the back of her body.

"Oh. My. God." was heard from behind the camera as the body slumped to the ground, lifeless. The screen cuts to black.


On the 15th of September in 1999, one month after the initial outbreak, the government decided to block off Kentucky from the rest of the world, allowing nobody in nor out. This caused even more panic and turmoil as the people of Kentucky realized that there was no way out of this mess and there wouldn't be a cure, no vaccination no nothing. More and more people got infected, as you look outside of your apartment you see the empty streets, empty yes, from people - the dead still walk those same streets you used to walk on not two months ago.

The situation spiraled out of control, the more people got infected the more panic it caused. People were dying, left and right - the people that survived realized that the world they used to live in didn't exist anymore. They lived in a world of anarchy now. The people of Kentucky started to rob others, plunder stores, even murder other survivors. Anything to survive, humanity was stripped little by little as the apocalypse dawned on the World of Men.

On the 2nd of October, all news stations went dark even the private owned ones. No one had access to any news source inside Kentucky. The president held a speech for the rest of the United States, declaring that the state of Kentucky had fallen, he didn't say what caused it but he only told the people of this once great nation to get together with their family and loved ones...to protect eachother at all costs...

Present day

The future of Kentucky is uncertain as people are now completely abandoned by their government (whatever is left of it anyway). It is up to the people of Kentucky to deal with the dead and the living. The people of Kentucky don't know if the rest of the United States was affected by the disease nor the rest of the world. They're left in complete darkness to the outside world. Are you the one that will find what caused this all? Will you find contact to the outside world if there still is any world left? Will you survive for yourself? Your family? Friends? Your story starts here, at the Day's End...