Read our Pvp and Rp rules

General rules

All applicants must be 16+

Server access

- Joining the server without having gone thru the application process will result in an instant ban

- Sharing the server password with others is not allowed

- Your account name when joining the server MUST be your character's name.

- Once you got server access, you don't need to apply again. You can request a new character instead.

3rd party communication when in-game.

- RP should be kept in game. RP in voice chat is not valid

- Only use outside chats to comment on RP or to chat about different topics. Don’t share OOC information with others if they can't keep it to themselves.

- Sharing IC information with others outside of RP is considered metagaming and will be punished.

- Please do not use faction discord servers. We ran into a lot of metagaming issues with them in the past. Instead, use the faction chats that we provide.

Exploiting is not allowed.

Any means of achieving an advantage over other players through bugs or other unintended mechanics is prohibited.

Griefing is not allowed.

Burning things down or causing destruction for no reason is not allowed.

Reports are handled in Discord through tickets.

- Gear may be replaced at staff discretion.

- Dying to bugs or otherwise can be rectified through tickets.

- Proof will need to be provided to return skill points, and possibly items.

Refund Policy

We will not refund any items or stats after a character dies due to a bug on our end UNLESS you can show us sufficient video or picture proof!destruction for no reason is not allowed.

Loot hording

- Your character needs to have a valid IG reason to possess a massive amount of any given item.

- maximum 2 cars per person (A safe house with 2 people can have a maximum of 4 cars, trailers do not count - Drivers & Mechanics are allowed 4).

- No specific limit on guns / ammunition. However, 1 person possessing an entire gun shop's worth of guns & ammo would be considered hoarding. (also depends on profession)

- As much food as you can physically store in game is fine.

- As much gas as you can store in your cars/cans is fine.

If players have too much loot, staff will approach them with ways of getting rid of some of it, to redistribute it or use it up. This could happen through a custom event or (if players choose to refuse the offer) bandit attacks.

Please. Don't be a loot goblin and leave some stuff for others. Don't take more than you might need.

OOC Drama

- Try to keep conflict that happens in character, in game.

- Our staff is not responsible for moderating drama that happens outside of our Zomboid or Discord server

- Do not harass people for their characters' actions

- If you feel harassed or attacked, please open a ticket and explain your situation

Moderators player characters and NPC's

- The staff team also plays on this server. Please treat these characters as you would treat any other player's character.

- Event NPC's are characters played by event staff and are part of a side story or event. Treat them like normal characters.

- If you see staff abusing their powers to gain an advantage in game, please open a ticket to discuss the issue with another staff member

No kill on sight

-You need to have reasoning behind your intentions to kill someone.
-No random deathmatching.
-Give the other player time to react to your roleplay, don't instantly start fighting or killing.